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Teen Pussy

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Diapie love😍. With daddyslittleprincesskitty. iPhone won’t let me tag my babygirl;(

Me and my daaddyyy

Holy hell, that’s the hottest thing I’ve seen in a looong while.  Well done Kitty and her Daddy….well done.


From deMandie’s clip store:

Amber was being mean and tied me into the suspension rig with a spread bar between my ankles. She gave me several suppositories and left me there, on my tiptoes, waiting for the inevitable. Of course, she teased me mercilessly, which just made it worse.

It didn’t take long before the suppositories kicked in and I ended up making a huge, humiliating mess in my new pink diapers. Payback is a bitch though… Just wait until you see how I got her back. I’ll post that video tomorrow. ;)

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